Almond Bread

bread_typesAlmond bread is a delicious healthy alternative to cake or pie. Its has less calories than cake and is just as good. Toasting a few slices and spreading a little apple butter on one side makes a great breakfast. Just like other recipes there are tons of options and almond bread is no exemption from the rule. Adding chocolate chips makes almond chocolate chip bread, kids love it and turning this into french toast is a birthday breakfast, lunch, or dinner gone right. Adding some amaretto which is almond flavored liqueur or Maraschino cherries to the loaf make great variation and welcoming welcome gifts to new neighbors or in laws.

Apricot almond tea bread and almond poppy seed bread with orange almond glaze are just a few recipe names any baker should check out. They are easy and delicious. Hardy breads alone are great but adding something as simple as almonds make them even better. Making a glaze for any type of almond bread can be made by simply adding dark corn syrup and Luke warm water together brushing on top of the already done bread add a few chopped almonds to embellish, pop back in the over for a few minutes to harden the glaze and your done. Of course adding some almond or vanilla extract to the mixture will give it a more distinctive taste.

Almond bread is historically associated with eastern Europe where almond or Mandel, bread or Brodt was said to be originated. Almonds we greatly known and extremely popular among ancient cooks of middle eastern decent. With it being so long ago and having no proper way to preserve the bread from going stale, almond bread recipes more than likely taste a whole lot better today than they did way back then. We also have more filling and topping options available then they did long ago.