Bread Types

bread_typesThere are many types of bread available in the marketplace today. Most consumers eat (2) two basic bread types. Those are white and wheat bread. As society becomes more health conscious, people are consuming breads that contain little, if no, preservatives. In today’s society, one can classify bread consumption based on nutritional value, preferred taste, or by purchase price.

According to the American Dietetic Society, roughly 95 percent of flour is enriched. Basically, the three major B vitamins, thiamin, niacin, and iron must be added back. This must be done in the same ratio that is proportional to one whole kernel. For health and wellness reasons, this is why most health conscious consumer prefer wheat, whole grain, or spelt bread. 100% wheat is a much healthier bread type. If a person were looking for bread that is cooked without yeast, spelt bread would be the choice. Spelt has very high grain popularity among special bread types. It has a nutty flavor and is high in protein, and nutrition. Although, various types of breads are healthier, or tastier, most consumers eat enriched white bread.

One must not forget that taste is important, irrespective of its lack of health benefits. Rye bread is commonly used for toast, and bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. A very good rarity is squaw bread. This is among the popular bread types for health fanatics. In the United States bread is consumed on a daily basis. It is among the four food groups essential for early childhood nutrition. It is also common to start most meals at restaurants with bread. As a matter of fact, the fast food industry could not survive without it. Whether healthy, or not, one thing is sure; bread and its different types will always be popular among consumers worldwide. The key question is what type do you prefer?