Bun Types

bun_typesThere seems to be a whole lot of buns on the market these days. Although there are several different bun types, hot dog buns and hamburger buns are the most common. Straying from the food category hair can be worn in a bun and of course we can’t forget the ever so popular behind that many refer to as buns. Buns are usually small in size no bigger than the average hand and contain flour, yeast, milk, sugar, and butter. These types of buns are dome shaped on top and have flat bottoms, making them perfect for cutting in half and slapping a slice of meat between the two halves. Sweet buns like cinnamon buns or sticky buns are often referred to as rolls but are basically the same thing.

The Mantou is a Chinese steamed bun, and its close cousin Baozi is a steamed bun stuffed with different fillings. In all aspects its like our peperoni rolls which could be called peperoni buns if someone insisted on the name change. Several bun types we have adopted in American cuisine did in fact come from other countries and cultures. Saffron buns are made using the same ingredients as teacake with a few variants including caraway seed. Baking any bun is obviously done in an oven and more times than not the temperature is set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

A few other bun types include but are not limited to Jubilee buns, German buns, and London buns which are a fairly simple bun to make but tastes exquisite. An restaurant or diner will have buns on the menu some call them biscuits, others rolls. But all in all they are the vary same and never have there ever been two buns that are alike in size or shape.